Painball (feat. Bad DJ Budget Cuts, Adam Selene, and Adhesiveslipper)

by Jacob Earl



from the album "After the Flood" by Jacob Earl and Jesse Dangerously



There's a darkness
There's a soul
There's a hunger
There's a hole

The secrets, they can't fill it
The red sauce, I always spill it

There's a darkness
There's a mess
The message is lost in the chest

I'm an animal
I'm a beast
I'm the throbbing
I'm the mouth and teeth

There's a darkness
There's a dread
From the pinnacle
To the pits of the dead

I'm the king
I'm across the air
the blood on my hands
has always been there

There's a darkness
There's a void
I'm suffocating
But I'm still humanoid

Hollowed out my body
Stripped out my brain
Replaced it with fire
and a hurricane

I'm in pain

There's a darkness
There's a hole
There's a monster eating my soul

There's a benefit
To the pain
To divert your attention and entertain

When I serve you
The unknown meat
I'm not thinking about what's good to eat

'Cause there's a darkness
Bleak and gone
I remember nothing, I'm so alone

That's got nothing to do with this
I cannot die, at least NOT on purpose
As seen on two previous circuits
My only friend speaks to me
When the berserk hits

It's not like daddy was a rolling stone
That stone was dropped
And daddy rolled to the floor
Now daddy ain't gonna hurt me no more
Nobody ever gonna hurt me no more

Thirst for breakfast, lust for dinner
Blood for canteens,
With some sport in the middle
Little piggy think a zig zag'll matter
When this cat's a tad faster
Than your best panicked reactions

But that's got nothing to do with this (Liar)
And it's nothing a knife through you won't fix
I'm a loophole slipped over group home kids
Left hanging in the crowd of a tombstone skit (And that's it)


It's right there in the name
We were hardened by the game
Everything is pain
It all comes from the ball

The pain is in the balls
No, Fuck, I'm just joking
Watch out now we're your new houseguests
We're of the only real humans left, bacon flesh


Fresh from God's last Gardener's best
Gouged out my best friend's eye, the left
Corps wives used to pay me for sex
Now all I've got is scars and your snapped neck

We're three-time vets, leave you a wreck
Bodies ground up fed to your pets
So hold onto all your Oreos
We like eating your kidneys best

The system made me (The system made me)
What I am (What I am)
I'm not responsible
I'm just a program

Delivering orders, wretchedness
I can't miss it, I don't know how to miss

A trained killer
A raging disease
There's a darkness
cutting into me


There's a darkness
There's a soul
There's a hunger
There's a hole

I'm in pain
I'm in pain



released June 23, 2015



all rights reserved